Welcome Friends,
My name is Beth Lanman.   I'm a natural hoof care provider certified thru the AANHCP.

The natural hoof trim performed is based on the wild horse as its model.  With proper trimming at regular intervals, natural diet and adequate exercise, your horses can go barefoot too.  

This trim allows the hoof to provide traction, protection, shock absorption and heart-supporting circulation.  It allows the hoof to restore itself to its original, natural design; exactly the way nature had intended.

In my case, our horses had shoes on all 4 hooves since about age two.  One suffered from chronic thrush and severely contracted heels.  The other had hoof walls so thin, a few nails in each of his hind hooves were inside the white line.  They have been barefoot for almost 8 years (without thrush) and have developed very strong hoof walls and soles.   Needless to say, I was so impressed with these results, I have become a true believer in natural hoof care.

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