This trim, modeled after the wild horse, is not the same as a pasture trim, four-point trim or a farrier trim.  It is not invasive as some schools of barefoot trimming.  Live sole is never invaded during trimming.

Our "oath" (AANHCP) is "Cause no harm -- respect the healing powers of nature".  

The trim does stimulate the nature wear pattern of the wild horse hoof.  When maintained, this trim will prevent cracks, flares, splits and other degradations of the hoof.

It enables horses suffering from laminitis (founder), navicular, wall splits, brittle hooves, contracted heels and many types of lameness, to recover and achieve healthy, strong hooves without shoes.

Your horse may make the transition to barefoot without any difficulties, although some need an adjustment period.  During this period, hoof boots may be recommended until their hooves toughen.  The boots of today offer protection, allow circulation and shock absorption where shoes don't allow the natural functions of the hoof and are affixed to the hoof at all times.  

I'll be glad to measure your horses hooves for boots, order (if necessary) and help fit them for you.   
THE Natural Trim
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Can you find the Easyboot epic in this picture?  Yes, it's under the mud!